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It´s certainly true when Christian Louboutin shared his view about shoes and fashion: ´A good shoes is one that doesn´t dress you, but undress you´. It makes you look sexy, boost your confidence and conquer men. Stilletto are women´s most powerful weapon in fashion, use them to enhance your feminine, it’s something that men will never have.

But whether it is a pair of flats, pumps or sandals, Christian Louboutin knows how to design them. Here, take a look at our best selection from the fall and winter 2013 collection:

Pivichic in Paris

The Pivichic collection is transparent meets stripes meets heels. The playful red and black are Christian Louboutin´s most power colors, irresistible for any fashion savvy girl. At Barneys for $795 or at Louboutin boutique.

Give a Bouquet of Louboutins!

If you observe these pair of glitter pumps, you know it´s true when Christian Louboutin said: ´I would hate for someone to look at my shoes and say, Oh my God! That looks so comfortable!´…´´. Sometimes we need to feel the pain before we can gain. At Christian Louboutin e-store for $625.

Red Soles at Buckingham Palace

Oh, I need these in my wardrobe. Not all shoes are necessary for daily use. Keep these pair of Christian Louboutin Au Hameau Sandals for special occasions. At Barneys for $1,495.

Modes of Transport Car, Bike, Louboutins

As a result of the nail polish crash, the reddish lone Christian Louboutin heel has become world renowned and sells over five hundred thousand pairs of shoes a year. The vibrant red glossy sole not just benefits the wearer, providing them a feeling of key pleasure and confidence, but also gains the company from a business perspective. Louboutin managed to change component of a shoe that had previously been disregarded, into something which is both aesthetically exciting and commercially helpful. Louboutin prefers to not advertise or give free pairs to celebrities, he’d rather let his shoes and red soles do the speaking. To indicate the achievement of this reddish sole accident, Louboutin created a nail polish named Rouge Louboutin that is the exact same color as the red soles. But, we wouldn’t advise using this in your shoes!The pigalle, pigalle follies and so kate are a few of Christian Louboutin’s most well-known styles. And, these traditional pointed-toe pumps seem very similar. Here’s what makes them different.There are two principal differences between these sneakers. First, the heel on the original pigalle is not quite as skinny as the follies or so kate. For many, this makes the pigalle more comfy than another 2 styles.The thinner heel of the follies and so kate provides a very sexy weathered appearance. But, this dainty yet wrought iron heel also means quicker wear to the heel tap and heel.The other big difference between the shoes is so kate’s longer toe box. Some folks find the more toe box to become slightly more comfortable.Because of these 2 differences, individuals usually find either the pigalle or so kate to be the most comfortable of the three.

The Decollete shoes are simple, but amazingly sexy to wear for everyday fashion. The colors melt with anything chic in your closet, fabulous! At Christian Louboutin e-store for $625.

The Eighth Wonder of the World - the Pigalle Spikes

The combination of 120 mm and Spikes are strong enough to steal any show, bold enough to flaunt your attitude. Get Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spikes in their official store for $1,295.

Do you love Louboutin shoes? Which one is your favorite?

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