Mediterranean Soul of the New Sneakers!

Deriving inspiration from the splendid colours of the Greek Islands, the luxury elevator shoes are perfect for your summer that is casual-chic outfits which can not go unnoticed and fresh!

The magic of the Mediterranean is here, by sporting the brand new Greek Islands-inspired uplift sneakers, and you can finally feel it.

The charm of the nature surrounded by culture and history and the atmosphere of the places bathed by a sea that is marvelous would be the choice of inspiration for the brand this time round. From the cradle of civilization, where some of the heroes and myth were created, the Olympian gods still linger, and where an light illuminates the colours of the sea, a individual never ceases to be astounded with the beauty. That is precisely the enveloping and warm colours which remind of the vitality and the allure of the Greek islands are those which were chosen for the models of sneakers.


Starting from the Milos, Lefkada, Karpathos, all of the way up to Hydra, each version offers a emotion. The shoes are made to embody a ray of light which illuminates areas, making the wearer feel wider than. The new collection of sneakers that are raised, motivated by the Greek shores, will make you feel just like walking and walking the magic of warm colors and places which appear too good to be true. This line is exclusively dedicated to the sense of summertime, liberty, and colorfulness, a thing a modern fashion lover can’t lose out on.

Made by Italian master craftsmen with style and wisdom, the elevator sneakers are tasteful, unique, absolutely beautiful and perfect for producing winning combinations. The discreet rise is what makes the shoes so identifying, without sacrificing comfort. A real gem the newest shoes should be the first thing to pack for a visit, particularly if you’re going to the sea.

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