The charming style of sneakers

Due to their style that is classic, the men sneakers are an ideal match with a coat, a shirt, and pants. Opposite from skinny jeans are the jeans, commonly called baggy. This model of jeans is ideal for the true lovers of casual and urban looks. Not the jeans have a component for them but they have a sportswear touch, so they can be best combined with shoes of personality.
Require Varenne Sport shoes , a new model of GuidoMaggi capsule collection as an example. The lift sneakers are a perfect mixture of sportiness and luxurious, therefore, go with such garments. Versatile and ideal to combine with both casual and formal outfits, the Varenne Sport shoes are made of blue, white and orange full-grain leather and dark blue rubberized calfskin. Finally, for those who aren’t scared to dare — black flared jeans.
This model is among the most unique models and people who experimentation styles and different fashions commonly wear many. With these garments, you can produce an incredibly stylish 70s effect by mixing them with a pair of loafers and a colorful shirt. In a total black version, we advise you to personalize your look and make it truly exclusive by sporting the Le Havre version by GuidoMaggi. Sartorial reinterpretation with a modern appearance, these classic height raising loafers made out of top notch in black patent leather, so are hard not to notice. Accessorized with a tasteful clamp in gold-colored metal, Le Havre signify an innovative and stylish artisanal creation.

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